Do straight men like fingers up their butt?
Dear Clarice,

Last month I met up with my boyfriend to go to the movies. We saw Paranormal Activity, don’t watch it Clarice, it was like The Blair Witch Project 1 & 2— but worse. Anyways we had fun and we kissed during the movie. Things started to get really hot but we cooled off. Towards the end of the movie things start to get hot between me and him again and we leave the movie theatre. We enter the nearest alleyway and start to get it on. He goes down on me SEVERAL times for SEVERAL hours at a time. Then I start going down on him and I noticed he has a hickey on his inner thigh. I never left a hickey according to my memory. Then we use a condom we got one Wednesday from these guys on 82 street and 37 ave. The sex was great until my boyfriend ask if I put a finger in his butthole. I was horrified but I did it because I felt pressured to. I want to know is my boyfriend cheating on me? Is he gay? Why did he ask me to put my finger in his butthole?

Sincerly, Farah Fingers from Flatbush, BK.

Dear Mary,

Well  it seems you’ve had a wonderful date until the sex. We’ve all been there but, if you feel pressured to do something you shouldn’t be doing it. I cannot tell you if your boyfriend is cheating on you, but you may want find out for yourself. He may be gay and be using you as a cover up. Think about these things: Is your voice deep? Do you have rough hands and/or hard features? Are you very muscular for a girl? And does your vagina look like a taped back (tucked) penis? If yes, then your boyfriend might be gay or a tranny chaser. As for the butthole thing, men have a prostate located in their anal cavity and when massaged it can be stimulate and pleasures the man. I have no idea how your boyfriend found out about this (he might be getting plunged fierce by one of his buddies) but you should find out why. A good parting gift would be the Aneros prostate massager.

-Clarice Cuntrillikah.

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